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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Stevenage Re-imagined

Making Stevenage a Destination Creative Town

Stevenage Re-imagined is a community initiative that aims to promote and enhance our town's creativity and heritage, recognising the many benefits that culture provides to people's lives. 


Stevenage has a rich history of arts and heritage. There is much to be discovered and enjoyed by both residents and visitors, such as the many listed buildings along the Old Town High Street (formerly a Roman road and then the Great North Road) or the pioneering heritage as the UK's first New Town. There is an especially vibrant heritage of public art in line with the New Town utopian vision, including more than 40 sculptures by various artists, many situated along the UK's best cycle infrastructure. Stevenage also possesses a strong community of arts and heritage organisations, practitioners, volunteers, and participants.

During this exciting time of regeneration in Stevenage's New Town Centre, we want to build on and enrich our town's arts and heritage, continuing our legacy as social and creative pioneers. This is why we have created a new 10-year Arts & Heritage Strategy called 'Stevenage Re-imagined', which sets out the community's expressed ambitions and is driven forward by our community partnership, the Arts & Heritage Forum, which is a public platform open to everyone! 

Watch the video below about our first year's achievements and also feel free to contact us if you'd like to get involved! 

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